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Commercial flat roof metal decking repair in a tight spot

Disconnecting and moving the 2 refrigeration units so we could install the torch applied roof membrane (without the use of a crane) was tricky enough, the added complication that we could not turn off more than one of the units at a time or we would risk spoiling all the refrigerated product in the store below us made this job a little more complex than usual. We removed the old damaged roof membrane to inspect the extent of damage to the metal decking underneath, replaced an 80 square foot section of decking and insulation, then torch applied the new roll of bitumen stopping to disconnect and move the two refrigeration units one at a time and having our electrician and HVAC experts on site to ensure that they were reconnected appropriately. After all that was done we reconnected the drains installing new fittings and covers and painted on a new aluminum roof coating to match the rest of the roof and ensure a water tight seal coat covering.

Chicago three story single family home; roof tear-off and replace with mold remediation in the attic

Working three stories up on a steep pitched shingle roof in Chicago can be difficult, on this project we had to build a ramp made of plywood in order to safely remove debris while protecting the home and landscaping. All of the plywood and asphalt shingles were replaced, the rafters were scrubbed to ensure that no mold colonies would return, then the attic area was rebuilt to provide proper insulation and to keep interior moisture out of the attic space which brings the benefit of much greater structural life and integrity to the home. Bathroom fans were also vented through the roof in order to prevent future moisture build-up and mold growth.

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