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mayes roofing offers subcontracting project assistance
Subcontracting Project Assistance

Whether you just require an extra set of hands to help on a job site to fill in during an unexpected absence or you need a substantial labor force to complete a project and still meet your deadline, Mayes Roofing can get it done!

We have trained professionals with several overlapping vocations that give them a thorough understanding of design, construction, and customer satisfaction. The services we currently offer are listed in the right hand column on this page. Please call (630)-362-4758 or send an email to

We also relish the opportunity to network with others and strategically balance projects and resources towards a common goal, establishing a subcontractor relationship with fellow trades professionals allows us to expand our services offered and meet demands of existing customers in the areas we already cover. If you are interested in being a subcontractor for us, please fill out the form available here.

Sub Contracting Form

Independent Sales Reps

Put Your sales experience to good use with Mayes Roofing!

As an independent sales representative you are responsible for generating quality leads, contacting perspective customers, determining possible project opportunities, and the coordination between our estimators and the customer to find a good time to schedule the quote. If you already know how to estimate a job and can effectively present a proposal offer to a customer then you are eligible for a higher commission rate. Please send an email with resume to

Independent Sales Management Positions

We are looking for quality independent sales managers to join our team. As an independent sales manager, you will be responsible for:

  • Sales
  • Managing your own sales team
  • Generating and following up on leads
  • Handling customer concerns
  • Ensuring your team meets and exceeds sales goals
  • Networking with our contractors and home office

You will need:

  • A minimum of 2 years sales management experience
  • Your own sales team or be able to construct your own sales team
  • The skills necessary to effectively lead your sales team to success with little oversight or micro-managing

If you have the skills, experience and expertise that we are looking for in an Independent Sales Manager, please email your resume to

The Safety Of Our Employees And Customers

we Focus on the safety of our customers and employees

At Mayes Roofing, our core goal is to ensure the safety of the work environment of our employees. We strive for a zero injury work environment, emphasizing safety in everything we do. Our motto is “safety first” and the safety of our employees and customers is always the most important goal of each and every Mayes Roofing project and we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our employees are properly instructed and supervised in the safe operation of any tools, equipment, machinery, process or practice which they are trained and authorized to use or apply while at work.

career opportunities

Building a better future

Mayes Roofing is a family owned company that values its employees. We provide a professional, yet casual work envornment. Our talented employees, have the knowledge and motivation to succeed at providing first rate services to our customers.

We are always accepting applications for the following areas of expertise:

Quality Matters

mayes roofing cares about its employees
Mayes Roofing Cares

At Mayes Roofing, our mission extends to include the welfare and development of our employees. Our goal is to ensure that we create a working environment that encourages our employees to maximize their potential. We align our company objectives whenever possible to facilitate the productivity, creativity and usefulness of our employees. We welcome all questions, comments and critiques please send us your feedback.

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